Welcome to The Campus Church Bayview!

Here at Bayview, we are a community of Christ followers learning to love and serve, God and people. We would love to see you connect deeper in community with us, grow in your spiritual relationship with Christ, and serve along with us to further God's kingdom.  

“You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. A second is equally important: Love your neighbour as yourself.” Matthew 22:37-39

This is our shared desire across a larger family of churches known as The Campus Church.


The Dream...

In 2005 Pastor David Payne (founding pastor of The Campus Church) felt led by God to develop a larger vision for his church. At the time, new subdivisions were well underway in the Bayview corridor and the idea of planting a new church was born. Pastor David asked the question of his church (The Campus Church, on Bathurst) “How do we, the church, reach the other side of our growing town with the Good News?” This singular question is what drove Pastor David and all within the Campus family as the vision came to create multiple locations under one banner, that held in high value the desire to both love and serve God, and love and serve people in response to Matthew 22:37-39.

Our Story...

Bayview was planted in the Cineplex Theater in 2009 with a faithful team of volunteers and our Lead Pastor at the time Ian Ardill. In time, additional staff were hired for Children's, Worship and Youth ministries. Through lots of transitions and different seasons God has been faithful. Pastor Zack Bowman transitioned from Youth Ministry to be our new lead Pastor in July of 2019. For years weekly ministries were run out of homes, the local Second Cup and other alternative spaces. Our heart was always to be a church that loves and opens its doors to our community. God soon opened the doors for us to lease a local storefront, directly beside the theatre. While conveniently providing office space, the main focus was the to create a hub for weekly ministries. Today we now fill up 6 nights of the week in our Bayview Storefront located by the Good Life and Wimpy's Dinner directly across from the Cineplex. Feel free to stop by during the day to say hello to our staff, or Wednesday + Friday evenings for fun and crazy games with our youth. Our storefront has been and incredible space to continue to grow and further God's purposes. 

Our Vision...

Over the past 7 and a half years in the theatre and now at the storefront, both spaces have served us well. But at the end of the day they are just tools and instruments to communicate and express the Gospel to our community. The same question that was asked years earlier still needs to be asked: “How do we reach our community (Aurora and beyond) with the Good News in the most effective way?” Our vision is to develop a community centre that would be our gathering space on Sunday morning as well as a way to implement programs throughout the week. The goal: We desire to love on our community and neighbours as Jesus does. Three words come to mind...

Connect // Grow // Serve

Connect: A safe place to Connect

Creating space to embrace all who Jesus would embrace, people of all races, nationalities, social and economic statuses, and walks of life. From Sunday morning to mid week programming, and other community engagements focus on the fact that all are welcome, that all are invited to experience the person and work of Christ in this safe place to connect.

Grow: A place to Grow in Faith

All are on a journey, whether a seasoned believer or someone who is just hearing about Jesus for the first time. Regarless of where you are at on that continum, what does it look like for you to grow in that journey? For life transformation is at the heart of the Gospel and something that the Holy Spirit wants to do inside all of us. As a church, we desire to make space and provide opportunities for those that desire to grow in their understanding of Jesus, and their relationship with Jesus.

Serve: A place to Serve God and those around us

Service is an essential aspect to experiencing God within our lives. Opportunities to serve our community and to actively participate with others is one of the best ways to start to understand what it means to be in a growing relationship with Jesus.