Our Campus Groups here at Bayview are a great way to get connected and develop meaningful relationships while diving deeper into faith and discussion. We meet in someone's home or at our Bayview Storefront, usually with good food and fellowship, along with great topics for discussion as we lean into God's word and spend time in prayer. There are different options to fit your journey. 

If you are interested in getting connected into a Campus Group please contact Pastor Zack: Zack@the-campus.ca


Monday Nights

Roger & Isabel Payne will be leading a "virtual" Home Group, hosted by Tina Finelli starting Monday, October 5th at 7:30, and will run 47 minutes for months of October and November. Their study will focus on the fate of the apostles looking at the original sources beginning with Apostle Peter. Where did they travel, what proof is there that the apostles died as martyrs, and which one may have influences your ancestral family to faith. If you would life to join the search please email Roger at: magnumone13@hotmail.com