The Campus Church Bayview exists to see young people from grade 6 - 12 better understand God's love for them and help navigate the challenges of your average Student's life. As our Missions Statement so clearly articulates, we strive to "Love and Serve, God and People." We do our best to incorporate this into every area of our Ministry by challenging Students to become a mature and complete Christian. 

What does our program look like? Well, we have Wednesday Night programs running from 7pm to 8:45pm online at our Bathurst location, where students can dive deeper into God's word whether through a message from Pastor Elise or instructional videos. We also compliment this night with games and friendship building! 

Secondly, we have our Friday Night program which is a non threatening night devoted to having fun, and meeting new people in a safe environment! These nights usually alternate Jr. High Sr. High and run from 7:30pm - 9:30pm with the location varying depending on the event. 

Please Contact Pastor Elise at for more information and weekly updates!